Julien Chadefaux

Julien Chadefaux

Julien Chadefaux holds an MSc Degree in Environmental Management and Protection and he has 12 years of working experience in the environmental consulting sector: EHS compliance auditing and Due Diligence auditing, preparation of permit application files and environmental impact assessments. In December 2016, he was nominated head of the audits for Tauw France along with Frederic Pansa; as such, he supervises a team of auditors located over the 4 offices of Tauw in France. As project leader, he is responsible for the safety of his team and overall safety of the projects.

As environmental, health and safety auditor, he is responsible for conducting Environmental Due Diligence and Compliance Assessment audits and in France and French overseas. He is also responsible for the establishment of environmental permit application files for various industrial clients and is in charge of environmental assessments for urban development projects. As such, he is in constant liaison with the authorities in charge of industrial permitting and he works on all types of sites including Seveso sites.

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